Question NW451 to the Minister of Health

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25 March 2019 - NW451

Profile picture: Jooste, Ms K

Jooste, Ms K to ask the Minister of Health

(1) (a) What fees are paid by (i) ambulance staff such as (aa) paramedics, (bb) ambulance emergency assistants and (cc) basic ambulance attendants and (ii) nursing staff to the Health Professions Council of South Africa and (b) why he found that there is such a large monetary difference between, for example, ambulance emergency assistants and nursing staff; (2) by what date will the Okiep Clinic in the Northern Cape be upgraded after the fire damage; (3) whether his department would consider keeping the specified clinic open 24 hours to relieve the pressure experienced at Springbok Hospital?


(1) (a) (i) (aa) R1030

(bb) R1030

(cc) R845

(ii) Fees for nursing staff are regulated by South African Nursing Council and not Health Professions Council of South Africa. The fees for nurses are as follow:

  • Registered Nurses and Midwives: R640
  • Enrolled Nurses and Midwives: R380
  • Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries: R270

(b) Fees are determined by the respective regulatory bodies annually after due consideration of annual budgeting processes. Income received for these regulatory bodies is solely from member fees.

2. (a) Okiep is a fixed Primary Health Care clinic which is currently operational. The clinic did not burn. It operates from 7:30 till 16:00 from Monday to Friday and provides a one-day-a-week satellite Health Care Services to Rooiwinkel and Bulletrap.

(b) The PHC facility that burnt is Steinkop Fixed Clinic and with operational hours from 07:30 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday. No afterhours services are available due to shortage of staff. The services have been moved to a temporary accommodation while waiting for the clinic to be fixed.

3. Springbok Hospital is surrounded by three clinics that reduces patient load on the hospital. These are Springbok Clinic within Springbok, Bergsig Clinic approximately 2km away and Matjieskloof Clinic about 5km away from the hospital.


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