Question NW223 to the Minister of Telecommunications, Postal Services and Communications

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05 March 2019 - NW223

Profile picture: Van Damme, Ms PT

Van Damme, Ms PT to ask the Minister of Telecommunications, Postal Services and Communications

Whether, with reference to a memo purportedly sent by the Group Executive: Human Resources of the SA Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on 27 September 2018, which suspended with immediate effect submissions for the creation and/or filling of positions, advertising of positions and all new offers of employment, the SABC hired any staff following the circulation of the memo; if so, (a) who was hired, (b) on what salary and (c) who allowed the deviation from the memo?


I have been advised by the department as follows:

After publication of the memorandum, all vacancies were frozen, except for the appointments relating to core and critical functions. 



Positions filled

N Gcabashe


J Mocoma

Senior Producer

M Ramsimphi


L Snyman

Account Executive

b) All appointments were done in line with the SABC’s recruitment and selection policy and salaries were determined in line with the SABC’s remuneration guidelines.  Specific salary information cannot be divulged as this is confidential information pertaining to an individual.

c) The Vacancy Committee which was established to deal with critical appointments took the decision.  All requests to deviate from the memo are sent to the vacancy committee who then determines the merits of the request and take a decision if recruitment can go ahead.  Once a decision is taken by the vacancy committee, HR manages the recruitment process in conjunction with the relevant line manager.






Ms. Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, MP



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