Question NW2769 to the Minister of Health

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21 September 2015 - NW2769

Profile picture: Lekota, Mr M

Lekota, Mr M to ask the Minister of Health

Whether the Government had formally requested or will request provincial legislatures through the means available to it to undertake all extensive audits of the (a) maintenance, (b) management and (c) functioning of hospitals with a view of compiling a national report on the quality, appropriateness and speed of healthcare in the country so that appropriate actions can be taken by national government to deal with horror stories of neglect, indifference, rodent infestation, shortages and mismanagement; if not, why not; if so, when will his department request such a report from provincial legislatures in order to table a consolidated national report before Parliament?


No, we do not think that it is the job of Provincial Legislatures to undertake extensive audits of –

a) maintenance;

b) management;

c) functioning hospitals

The Provincial Departments of Health are doing so already, through various projects in partnership with the National Department of Health.

The National Department of Health has implemented a multi-disciplinary technical assessment of health facilities starting in the NHI Pilot Districts, to establish the status of the relevant services and installation, recommend appropriate remedial interventions, where required, prioritise these in terms of criticality and determine the associated cost estimates.

On the issue of management of hospitals, the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) conducted a comprehensive assessment on management of hospitals. This led to a policy change whereby only people with a health background may be CEOs of hospitals.

On the issue of functioning of hospitals, the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) conducts inspections on quality of health services.


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