Question NW2542 to the Minister of Transport

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20 September 2018 - NW2542

Profile picture: Hunsinger, Mr CH

Hunsinger, Mr CH to ask the Minister of Transport

(a) What tenders have been (i) issued and (ii) awarded by the Airports Company of South Africa in the past three financial years, (b) what are the reasons for the delay in awarding tenders in each instance, (c) to whom were the tenders awarded in each case, (d) why was the tender awarded to the successful bidder in each case, (e) what was the value of the tender that was awarded in each case and (f) when did each tender (i) commence and (ii) conclude?


(a) (c) and (e) Answer – please refer to the attached listing

(b) and (d) Answer - The ACSA organisation, as a schedule 2 has adopted the PFMA and PPPFA regulation as a means of executing its procurement administration. These regulatory prescripts are in place to ensure that the procurement process is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost effective.

Further the PPPPFA sets out the standards, including the evaluation process to be employed in the evaluation and the selection of the most suitable service provider whilst ensuring that the 5 pillars as set out in section 217A of the act are upheld. The evaluation criteria are defined by a team of subject matter experts.

ACSA has employed a three-bid committee system. These independent committees are assembled to ensure that the procurement process in the evaluation, recommendation and the final award is fair, transparent, competitive, equitable and cost effective. The evaluation criteria by its nature are set to determine a match against the set requirements, thus ensuring that the award to make to a supplier has the capacity and capability to undertake the contract of a defined magnitude. This holistic capacity and capability assessment is not only focused on the technical aspects, it also has a strong focus on the financial strength, legal standing, and many other aspects that are deemed necessary on a tender by tender basis.

Further to the above, ACSA has a performance management system in place. This system ensures a continuous evaluation of the performance of the service provider through the life span of the contract.

The process is administered by the SCM department with participation of nominated end users, with timelines defined per tender.