Education (WCPP)

Western Cape Committee

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15 Sep 2020 PSC Report on WC Education’s head contract extension: Premier & MEC briefing
01 Sep 2020 WCED on school evaluation authority, rollouts and powers about that position and collaboration schools
25 Aug 2020 Department of Basic Education on Quintile system & budget allocation
24 Jul 2020 WCED Budget: Committee Report
02 Jun 2020 WCED Quarterly Performance Reports
26 May 2020 WCED on Norms and Standards funding for schools in province
12 May 2020 Teacher Absenteeism & Learner/Teacher ratio at schools in the province

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2020 10 meetings Attendance rate 88%
2019 7 meetings 82%
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Procedural Officer

Wasiema Hassen Moosa 
Tel: 021 487 1630



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