Western Cape Provincial School Education Amendment Bill: consideration

Education (WCPP)

18 October 2018
Chairperson: Ms L Botha (DA) (Acting)
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Meeting Summary

The Standing Committee on Education in the Western Cape met to consider amendments of the Western Cape Provincial School Education Bill. One minor amendment was effected. The objection from the ANC and ACDP as the minority view was recorded and the Bill was adopted.

Meeting report

Opening Comments:

The Acting Chairperson explained that the purpose for the meeting was to consider the additional amendments added to the Bill and to adopt it.

Western Cape Provincial School Education Amendment Bill [B1-2018]

Ms Amanda Torr, State Law Advisor, said that there should be an “and” added in proposed subsection 2(a). It was implied but could be done in the final B Bill.

The Acting Chairperson asked Advocate André Le Roux, Legal Advisor, WCPP, for his input.

He did not have anything more to contribute at this point.

The Acting Chairperson went through the Bill clause-by-clause and asked for any objections.

Mr T Olivier (ANC) and Mr C Dugmore (ANC) rejected each clause as the ANC objected to the entire amendment Bill.

The Acting Chairperson noted the ANC’s objection to each clause and the amendment Bill in its entirety.

Mr F Christians (ACDP) also rejected each clause as his party was also opposed to the entire amendment Bill.

The Chairperson recorded the objection from the ACDP.

The amendment to clause 11 was noted.

Mr M Wiley (DA), Mr D Mitchell (DA) and Mr R Mackenzie (DA) were all in favour of the amendment Bill [B1A-2018].

The draft report of the Standing Committee on Education in the Western Cape Provincial Schools Education Amendment Bill [B1A of 2018], dated 18 October of 2018, having considered the subject of the Bill was agreed to.

Mr Dugmore asked how the objection to the Bill from the ANC and ACDP would be reflected in the report.

Mr Ben Daza, a Senior Committee Coordinator, explained that it must be requested to have a manual recording of the vote.

Mr Dugmore and Mr Christians requested such.

The Acting Chairperson said that the Bill had been adopted with the minority view of the ANC and ACDP recorded.

Mr Mackenzie thanked the Acting Chairperson, the Department and the staff for their participation and work.

The meeting was adjourned.


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