Question NW2131 to the Minister of Health

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20 August 2018 - NW2131

Profile picture: Dreyer, Ms AM

Dreyer, Ms AM to ask the Minister of Health

(1)(a) At what specific time was a certain person (name furnished) admitted to the Tambo Memorial Hospital and (b) why did nurses allegedly refuse to attend to the specified person on the morning of 30 January 2018; (2) (a) why were there no beds available in labour ward B that the person was admitted to, (b) why was no other bed found for the person in the hospital and (c) what is the protocol with regard to admitting patients to a ward where there are no beds available; (3) (a) at what specific time did a doctor examine the person, (b) for what number of hours did the person allegedly had to lie in her own fluids and (c) how often was the person attended to according to hospital records?


1. (a) The patient arrived in the Accident and Emergency Department at 08h05. She was attended by the nursing staff and the Medical Officer from Accident and Emergency Department. After the initial assessment she was referred to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department. A Senior Medical Officer from Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department assessed her on arrival to the ward at 10h05.

(b) Initially the patient presented herself to the Labour Ward. She was directed to the Accident and Emergency Department by the nursing staff as all patients with her condition are admitted to the Gynaecology ward via Accident and Emergency Department.

2. (a) and (b) The Gynaecology ward was full to its capacity at the time, therefore the patient was transferred to the Labour ward’s extension area. She was nursed in a room by herself to allow privacy.

(c) All patients are accommodated in a bed in the ward.

3. (a) The patient was first assessed by the Medical Officer in Accident and Emergency Department at 08h05. She was transferred to the Labour ward and was immediately examined by the Senior Medical Officer from Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department at 10h05.

(b) Answering this question will lead to disclosure of the diagnosis of this patient and I cannot do that.

(c) The patient stayed in the Labour ward from 10h00 to 23h00, where she delivered. During this time she was examined by the Medical Officer three (3) times. In between she was attended by the midwives. A consultation was also done by the consultant on call for that night. The doctor had numerous discussions/feedback sessions with the patient’s husband and the mother-in-law during the patient’s stay in the ward.


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