Question NW516 to the Minister of Mineral Resources

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30 May 2018 - NW516

Profile picture: Purdon, Mr RK

Purdon, Mr RK to ask the Minister of Mineral Resources

(1) What are the details of the basis on which his department allegedly granted Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) the reconnaissance permit to undertake the seismic survey programme along the coastline between Mossel Bay and Port Edward. (2)Whether his department conducted any studies with a view to investigating the effects of seismic blasting on nonmigratory whale species and other aquatic life along the Eastern Cape coastline. If so, (a) what are the details of the findings and (b) will he furnish Mr R K Purdon with a copy of the specified findings if not (3) whether his department envisages to conduct any studies regarding the matter. if so what are the relevant dates in this regard 94) Whether his department envisages to halt the alleged issuing of exploratory oermits until such a time that the studies have been concluded? NW584

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