Question NW2754 to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

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11 December 2014 - NW2754

Profile picture: Kohler-Barnard, Ms D

Kohler-Barnard, Ms D to ask the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

(a) How many investigations by the Special Investigating Unit into the SA Police Service (i) were (aa) undertaken and (bb) completed in the (aaa) 2012-13 and (bbb) 2013-14 financial years and (ii)(aa) are currently underway and (bb) have been completed since 1 April 2014 and (b) what was the outcome of each completed investigation in each specified financial year? NW3404E


(a)(i)(aa) The SIU conducted one investigation into the South African Police Service (SAPS). Although two Proclamations (R42 of 2010 and R73 of 2010) were issued by the President in respect of the SAPS, . Proclamation R73 of 2010 simply extended the period of investigation that had been set out in the initial Proclamation. The matters that the SIU was required to investigate were as follows:

alleged procurement irregularities relating to:
• procurement of a new two-way radio communication network for the Eastern Cape Province (Tetra);

• National Police Day 2009/10 and 2010/11:

• procurement of police uniforms;

• procurement of lntenda Procure Solutions; and
• procurement of solar panels (Boschkop Police Station)

- devolution of functional responsibilities from DPW to SAPS
-building and/or renovations of 33 Police Stations conflicts of interest

Re: (a)(i)(bb) and (a)(ii) The investigation relating to the SAPS has been finalised and the SIU is in the process of compiling the Report to be submitted to the President.

(b) The outcomes are as follows
• criminal referral letters were sent in respect of 16 persons
• disciplinary referral letters were sent in respect of 116 SAPS members
• an acknowledgement of debt to the value of R496 000 was obtained
• In respect of the Eastern Cape Tetra contract, the SIU is considering approaching the High Court for an order cancelling the contract and recommending criminal and disciplinary action against certain SAPS officials.

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