Question NW1301 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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14 May 2018 - NW1301

Profile picture: Mkhaliphi, Ms HO

Mkhaliphi, Ms HO to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

With reference to the reply to question 744 on 18 April 2018, on what basis does Atul Gupta have two active passports?


Mr Atul Gupta approached a Department of Home Affairs Front Office and applied for passports. He was subsequently issued with two active passports as per his applications just like any other South African citizen on request and consideration in line with the legislative stipulation in Chapter 2, Section 2 (5) of the South African Passports Act Regulations 4 of 1994, which states that under certain circumstances a second South African passport may be issued, notwithstanding the fact that the holder thereof is in possession of another valid South African passport and regulation 3 shall apply mutatis mutandis thereto; wherein regulation 3 refers to a normal application for a South African passport.

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