Question NW749 to the Minister of Social Development

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12 April 2018 - NW749

Profile picture: Sonti, Ms NP

Sonti, Ms NP to ask the Minister of Social Development

(a) What is the name of the bank that is officially responsible to clear bank payments made by the SA Social Security Agency (SASSA) to grant recipients as at 12 March 2017, (b) on what exact date was the specified bank appointed for this task and (c) what amount (i) has the bank received from SASSA to date and (ii) will SASSA have paid the bank by the date on which the contract expires?


a) SASSA uses the Pay Master General Account held with the South African Reserve Bank.

b) 16 October 2017

c) (i) SARB – R0

Bankserv – R1 per transaction

(ii) SASSA pays all transaction fees at the agreed upon rate on a monthly basis.


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