Question NW2761 to the Minister of Transport

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19 September 2017 - NW2761

Profile picture: Steenkamp, Ms J

Steenkamp, Ms J to ask the Minister of Transport

What (a) steps is he taking to ensure that intimidation of taxi e-hailing company drivers ceases, (b) has been done to date to resolve any concerns expressed by any of the parties and (c) measures are planned for the future in this regard?


a) On the 19th July 2017 I met with the Minister of Police and the Acting National Commissioner and his team to discuss the state of affairs between the metered taxis and /app-based operators and to propose a more focussed enforcement strategy.

In addition, I met with the MEC for Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport and the MMC’s of the relevant metropolitan municipalities on the 24th July 2017.

Furthermore, I met with the Gauteng Metered Taxi Council, the Concerned Metered Taxi Operators and the app-based operators on the 27th July 2017 in Midrand.

I also arranged a walk-about programme on 11th September 2017 in Sandton to sensitize operators that they must abide by the prescripts of the law which requires them to have a valid operating licence and that there will be no compromise on law enforcement.

b) See a) above.

c) The issues raised by the metered taxi and app-based operators are being addressed in the National Land Transport Amendment Bill which is before the Portfolio Committee on Transport.

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