Question NW1450 to the Minister of Sport and Recreation

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19 June 2017 - NW1450

Profile picture: Grootboom, Mr GA

Grootboom, Mr GA to ask the Minister of Sport and Recreation

How many (a) persons employed at government-sponsored sports clubs were assessed against the Child Protection Register in the (i) 2014, (ii) 2015, (iii) 2016 and (iv) 2017 calendar years and (b) of the specified persons were found not suitable to work with children in each case?


(a) Government has and continues to support sport clubs. Clubs directly supported by Government are community based clubs and are normally run by volunteers. The aforesaid volunteers are not paid by Government and thus have not been subjected to an assessment against the Child Protection Act by the Department of Sport and Recreation. Although the requirement for such an assessment may be considered in future, it will require capacity from the relevant agencies, in a programmatic fashion, thus necessitating assessments of the volunteers from the same clubs more regularly. Due consideration must be given to the communication on the purpose of conducting the assessments, as the retention of the volunteers is quite low.

(b) There was no screening done.

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