Question NW1407 to the Minister of Mineral Resources

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08 June 2017 - NW1407

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Lorimer, Mr JR to ask the Minister of Mineral Resources

(1)Whether his department is involved in the petroleum sector in the Central African Republic (CAR); if so, (a) what is the total amount that his department’s involvement in the CAR has cost to date and (b) why was the CAR chosen as the recipient of assistance; (2) has the staff of his department visited the CAR; if so, (a) what are the (i) names and (ii) designation of each staff member, (b) on what date was each visit made and (c) why, in each case; (3) whether his department is involved in any other projects in the CAR; if so, what are the relevant details of the projects?



2. (a) (b) and (c) Yes. Deputy Minister Oliphant led a Departmental delegation of seven officials (four the DMR, and the remaining three from South African Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator, Mintek, and Petroleum Agency South Africa) to CAR on 16 – 23 October 2016. It is not practise for the Department to disclose the identity of officials who travel and accompany the Minister in their official capacity, as it may potentially compromise the performance of their official duties.

The visit was at the invitation of the Minister of Mines, Energy and Hydrology of the Central African Republic, as part of strengthening relations with South

Africa. During the visit, meetings were held amongst others with the Prime Minister of CAR, and various government Ministers; and President of the Parliament. Visit were also conducted to various academic institutions.

An outcome of the visit led to the development of the Memorandum of Understanding and a Declaration of Intent to be signed between CAR and South Africa on cooperation in the space of geology, and mineral resources.

3. Refer to (2) above.


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Mr MJ Zwane, MP

Minister of Mineral Resources

Date Submitted:-……………/………………/2017

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