Question NW330 to the Minister of Transport

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07 March 2017 - NW330

Profile picture: Groenewald, Mr HB

Groenewald, Mr HB to ask the Minister of Transport

What plans does she intend to put in place in order to back up the statement that she made in December 2016 that no one should get a free pass on the road in reference to individuals such as mayors, Deputy Ministers and Ministers who transgress road regulations and overtake other vehicles illegally, (b)(i) how will this be measured and (ii) what punitive measures will be imposed on the offenders?


A. The statement was made on the understanding that no one is above the law and traffic law enforcement officers should apply existing laws equally to all the people in the country. No additional plans are required to apply already existing law without fear, favour or prejudice.

B. (i) This will be measured by the number of people caught breaking road traffic regulations.

    (ii) The law prescribes sufficient detailson punitive measures to be imposed on the road traffic offenders. These measures must be imposed to all offenders without any exception.

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