Question NW3194 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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23 November 2023 - NW3194

Profile picture: Cachalia, Mr G K

Cachalia, Mr G K to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

What is the exact total monetary value of the security contract awarded to a certain company (name furnished); (2) Whether a certain person (name and details furnished) is on suspension pending an investigation into the involvement of the specified person in the awarding of the security contract and the subsequent embezzlement of funds related to it; what is the position in this regard; if so, which other (a) current and (b) former Eskom executives are under investigation for awarding the security contract?


According to information received from Eskom

  1. The emergency transition that led to the appointment of the certain company in July 2022 was allocated a budget of R500 million. The total actual spend was, however, R304 669 040.00 (including VAT).
  2. The certain person was placed on precautionary suspension pending finalisation of Eskom’s internal investigation into the transaction. The scope of the investigation includes all the individuals who took part in the transaction. The investigation is close to being finalised.


Remarks: Approved / Not Approved

Jacky Molisane PJ Gordhan, MP

Acting Director-General Minister

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