Question NW3147 to the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

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26 October 2023 - NW3147

Profile picture: Herron, Mr BN

Herron, Mr BN to ask the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

(1)Given the historical significance of the community of Enon in the Eastern Cape (details furnished) and noting that after a multi-generational struggle for the 10 000 hectares of land, the specified land was finally approved for land reform and restitution (details furnished), (a) what are the reasons that the agreed-upon land total changed from 10 000 to 8 000 hectares and (b) who is currently in possession of the missing 2 000 hectares of land; (2) what community consultation has occurred in the handover process between the (a) community property association (CPA), (b) government departments and (c) community itself; (3) what level of involvement does her department have with the CPA in the community. (4) whether her department has been informed of the multitude of documentation and the various commitments made by former ministers ranging back to 2016, wherein they confirmed that 10 000 hectares of land would be handed over to the community; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details; (5) what guidelines and/or measures have been enforced in this land restitution case to ensure (a) equal opportunity and (b) access to development?


1. (a) The extent of the TRANCRAA area was estimated at 10 000 hectares, but after

the finalization of the subdivision, the final remaining extent was 8 314.2843 hectares. During vesting the portions with State Domestic Functions such as schools and clinics needed to be excluded and transferred to the Eastern Cape Provincial Government. Government Gazette Notice (GP822/1994) was reframed to exclude Erf 385 to separate the portion of Provincial Government from the portion of National government.

(b) The 2 000 hectares of land is currently vested with the Eastern Cape Provincial Government.

2. (a),(b,(c) Community and stakeholder consultations were conducted regarding the handover with the Enon Bersheba TRANCRAA residents, CPA Executive Committee, Office of the Premier, Provincial Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform (DRDAR); Sunday’s River Valley Local Municipality, Sarah Baartman District Municipality, Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

3. DALRRD is in constant communication with the Witrivier CPA and is now in the process of assisting the CPA with the election of a new committee as per their constitution.

4. Yes, the land has since been transferred to the community through the Witrivier CPA as a land holding entity.

5. (a),(b) None, since this is not a land restitution case. However, the matter falls under the Transformation of Certain Rural Areas Act No. 94 of 1998 (TRANCRAA), and DALRRD is engaging with the CPA to finalize the process for the elective Annual General Meeting (AGM), training on governance and understanding of their Constitution.

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