Question NW2843 to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

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26 October 2023 - NW2843

Profile picture: Mhlongo, Mr TW

Mhlongo, Mr TW to ask the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

What are the reasons that the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (a) avoids (i) new genres and (ii) proper collaborations and (b) does not consider independent artists’ views, art, and alternative ideas to benefit the hardworking musicians?


To my understanding, the South African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) was established by local composers and copyright owners such as record companies, to act as their representative body for the collection and administration of copyright royalties. Notably, SAMRO's membership comprises the very independent artists and rights-holders it represents.

In the spirit of good governance and in accordance with democratic principles enshrined in our Constitution and other pertinent laws, any matters of concern, should such exist, can be appropriately addressed by the members themselves, as they possess the legal authority to do so. We therefore cannot comment on matters outside our legal mandate.


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