Question NW2573 to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

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26 October 2023 - NW2573

Profile picture: Malomane, Ms VP

Malomane, Ms VP to ask the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

What is the role of his department in promoting local artists internationally, in light of the fact that our local music artists have demonstrated their creativity through developing new music genres, such as amapiano, which have been embraced on the continent and world?


My department recognises the importance of market access as an enabler for creatives to sell their products locally and globally. These could take various forms, and music is one of these art forms. To this end, my department has developed and implemented an array of initiatives to facilitate creatives’ access to markets; One significant initiative through which this is done is the Mzansi Golden Economy (MGE).

MGE is a comprehensive program aimed at stimulating economic growth within the arts, culture, and heritage sectors. Touring Ventures is one of the programmes of MGE, developed mainly to provide funding and support for the touring of local art products to be showcased on international platforms and markets.

This initiative serves multiple purposes including taking unique and culturally rich creations to international audiences. By exposing international audiences to South African creative products, the government helps expand the global reach and recognition of local artists.

Through this, eligible local creatives are provided with opportunities to perform at international exhibitions, book fairs, festivals, theatre plays, concerts, and events.

These performances not only allow creatives from different disciplines to showcase their talents but also connect them with international industry professionals, potential collaborators, and fans who are the buyers of the art products. This exposure can lead to international collaborations, increased fan bases, and enhanced market access.

Furthermore, the exposure gained from international tours can lead to increased demand for performances, both domestically and internationally. By presenting South African art products on global stages, the government enhances cultural diplomacy and fosters positive international relationships, and this includes performing at various cultural seasons organised by the Department.

Cultural seasons, also known as cultural festivals or arts seasons, are periods of time during which a specific theme, genre, or cultural aspect is highlighted and celebrated through a series of artistic and cultural events, performances, exhibitions, and activities.

South Africa has entered into bilateral agreements with other countries, which enable the participation of local creatives in various disciplines, music being one of them, in the respective countries.

There is a lot of work that the department does to create an enabling environment for creatives to participate on international platforms, exposing the different art products the country produces in the Music space, Book and Press, Design, Craft, etc.


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