Question NW2620 to the Minister in The Presidency for Electricity

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15 September 2023 - NW2620

Profile picture: Madokwe, Ms P

Madokwe, Ms P to ask the Minister in The Presidency for Electricity

What processes were followed in the appointment of special advisors despite there being a National Energy Crisis Committee to advise on the ESKOM crisis, submissions by various political organisations, ESKOM workers and civil society on how to turn around the situation at ESKOM, (b) at what cost do the specified advisors come and (c) what special skills do they possess?


The appointment of special advisors is done in terms of section 12A of the Public Service Act, 1994 as amended and is limited to two full-time equivalent positions for each Minister and Premier, unless Cabinet or the relevant Provincial Executive Council approves a higher number up to two additional full-time equivalent for each Minister and Premier because of work requirements.

The National Energy Committee (NECOM) is led by Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa and comprises of more than 100 high-level officials from across government, Eskom, business and social partners. NECOM is overseen at a technical level by the Director-General in the Presidency to advice on the energy crisis, the removal of barriers to new generation capacity and unlocking energy from various sources, including Eskom, Independent power producers, businesses and households.

It is important to distinguish that unlike officials seconded to NECOM for the purpose elucidated above, the special advisors are full-time in the office, advising the Minister in his engagements and discharging his delegated constitutional duties.






Sarel Jacobs

De La Rouviere

Special Advisor

R 2 158 533.00

Silas Mzingeli


Special Advisor

R 2 158 533.00


Mr. Silus Zimu

Mr. Zimu started his career in the electricity industry when he joined Eskom in 1992 where he worked as an engineer in the generation group. He then joined City Power as a General Manager - Planning and Technology and was thereafter promoted to Vice President, Customer Services. Because of the knowledge and passion he has for Engineering Operations, Silas was then appointed as a Vice President of Operations in December 2003 and served on Executive Management Committee.

Mr Zimu acted in the CEO position from February 2006, until he was appointed as Managing Director of City Power. Mr. Zimu was CEO of Suzlon Wind Energy South Africa (Pty) Ltd between October 2011 and 2015. He also served as a special advisor on Energy to Former President Jacob Zuma between 2015 and 2018.

Mr. Jacobus de la Rouviere

Jacobus de la Rouviere has over two decades experience in the independent power production cosmos and worked closely with the Southern African Power Pool countries like Eswatini and Mozambique. He has been a panellist in numerous energy summits and has published articles related to Eskom debt and possible solutions in resolving its existential challenges.

His key attribute lies in the development of realistic energy security mechanisms and installations that speak to critical evaluation of exit-price which will not burden the South African Economy with premium energy tariffs. Furthermore his strategic interventions have been tailored to resolve base-load underproduction and delivery of projects within the predicted project time.   

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