Question NW2416 to the Minister of Human Settlements

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29 June 2023 - NW2416

Profile picture: Makesini, Ms M

Makesini, Ms M to ask the Minister of Human Settlements

(1) (a) What is the total number of properties owned by the City of Cape Town in Harrington and (b) Maynard Street, (b) how did the occupants of houses number 29, 38 and 39 occupy the specified houses and (c) which funds have been used to pay for the private security company that has been guarding number 21 and the block of flats in Upper Harrington Street for more than four years now; (2) whether she will furnish Ms M Makesini with an updated waiting list for housing of the City of Cape Town; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


1. (a) The City owns 10 residential units in Harrington Street.

(b) The City owns 13 properties in Maynard Street.

(b) 29, 38 & 39 Maynard Street:

  • 38 Maynard Street is privately owned. 
  • A lease was concluded with the Ichikowitz Tefillin Family Fund of Africa (Cape Town Torah High) on 1/5/2013 at a social care tariff rental of R629.82 per annum excl. VAT per unit for units 29 and 39 for purposes of accommodation for boys and girls.
  • Unit 38 is privately owned.

c) City provides the funding for external Security Companies for vacant

properties to ensure that the assets are secured from vandalism and unlawful occupation. The properties in Harrington and Maynard Streets are viable properties since they are no longer subject to a road scheme and are therefore currently being considered for disposal. There are currently 3 security guards deployed in Harrington Street. 

(2) Status                                                             Number of records

D - Dormant                                                      15072

A - Assisted                                                         90682


C - Cancelled                                                    199505

W - WAITING                                                        377468


Total Records                                                      711837

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