Question NW2326 to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture:

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29 June 2023 - NW2326

Profile picture: Luthuli, Mr BN

Luthuli, Mr BN to ask the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture:

(1).There has been a rise in the number of young talented South Africans leaving the country in search of better opportunities and the arts industry is not spared from this. For example, the Minister recently acknowledged and congratulated Musa Motha, a South African who's now a Britain’s Got Talent finalist, for flying the RSA flag high. What is his department doing to assist aspiring creatives in the arts industry and give them support to ensure their talents are natured domestically and an environment for them to grow is created?


(1). South Africa and all who live in it, are part of a global world where freedom of diversity of cultural expression is encouraged. This stems from the country being a signatory of the 2005 UNESCO convention. Under that treaty, everyone has a right to exercise and showcase their talent anywhere they seem beneficial. That being said, any devoted practicing artist searches domestically and internationally for opportunities to harness their craft. The case in point mentioned of Musa Motha is not an anomaly, as many artists have sought to reach those avenues. Examples are many, but to mention a few, Belinda Davids with her rendition and personification of Whitney Houston, Indlovu Youth Choir, Mzansi Youth Choir. These in most instances received a gold buzzer in the competition.

The above does not in any way signify that nothing is being done domestically to create an environment for creativity and expression of such. The DSAC starts at the grassroots, funding community arts centres in every province, it then moves on to funding Performing arts institutions such as the Artscape, KZN Playhouse, Market Theatre, PACOFS, and State Theatre. Over and above that it has established funding institutions such as NAC, NFVF, NHC, BASA and the DSAC MGE to allow any practitioner opportunity to propose that which they want to pursue.

Additionally, the National Lottery Fund has a whole segment dedicated to the creative industry.

Artists are able beings that have all the capacity to take charge of their own lives under the opportunities being presented by the government, its subsidiaries and private business funding. All efforts possible, are being undertaken to upskill artists in formalising and professionalising their craft so that they are equal to the task of taking up all opportunities available domestically and internationally.

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