Question NW1302 to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

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20 June 2023 - NW1302

Profile picture: Marais, Ms P

Marais, Ms P to ask the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

What measures has he put in place to ensure that female inmates in correctional centres receive the necessary toiletries and sanitary towels, as women in facilities, such as the East London Correctional Centre, currently only receive three rolls of toilets paper for the month to be shared amongst 20 women?


Departmental Procedures as stipulated in the B-ORDER 3, Chapter 2, (Physical Care/ Hygiene), outlines the provisions of toiletries for inmates per month as follows:

  • 5x toilet paper rolls per inmates,
  • 1x packet sanitary towels (10`s) per female inmate and when requested,
  • 1x toothbrush every 6 months or when requested,
  • 2x 25ml tooth paste every third week or 1x 50ml per month,
  • 2x 100-gram bar bath soap per month,
  • 2x 200-gram bar sunlight green soap per month,
  • 1 shaving blade,
  • Face cloth and towel as required.

The provisions of toiletries and toilet paper at East London Management Area were as stipulated above and the last date of provision was on 03 April 2023 and 14 April 2023 respectively.

The Department continues to conduct the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the procedural prescript and analysis of reports on a monthly basis.


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