Question NW2147 to the Minister of Health

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19 June 2023 - NW2147

Profile picture: Hlengwa, Ms MD

Hlengwa, Ms MD to ask the Minister of Health

Whether, considering that the North West Health Department has sought action against its employees who were on duty when newborn babies were put in cardboard boxes instead of incubators and/or cribs at the Mahikeng Provincial Hospital with one of the issues being that the acting chief executive officer was not made aware of the improvisation, this is an admission that hospital management is not aware of crucial shortages in their hospital and that the only way to be aware of this is if the nurses inform them directly; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details?


No. This is not an admission that management is not aware of the critical shortage of the hospital management is aware of the crucial shortages in their hospital. The hospital management relies on the subordinates who are responsible for day to day running of their sections to alert them if there is any crucial shortages of supplies and equipment in their respective sections. This is standard management practice. It is true that they become aware of the shortages when nurses inform them directly, through relevant management processes.

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