Question NW2015 to the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition

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17 June 2022 - NW2015

Profile picture: Siwisa, Ms AM

Siwisa, Ms AM to ask the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition

What (a) actions does his department intend to take against scrap yard owners who buy stolen cables from criminals and (b) intervention measures will be put in place to ensure that no scrap yard is allowed to buy stolen cables in future? [


During the Budget Vote on Trade and Industry, I noted that building an enabling environment for industrialisation requires securing our key network infrastructure, such as energy and logistics, and protecting our electrical grid and rail network from the continued threat of scrap metal syndicates. I committed that by the end of July, the Department will have developed and tabled a draft policy on scrap metal, which will introduce a blend of domestic and export measures to address illegal trade in copper cable and scrap metal.

Since then, research has been completed and Cabinet has been briefed on the overall strategy. A document setting out the draft policy is being developed and will be published for public comment shortly.


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