Question NW1451 to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

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20 May 2022 - NW1451

Profile picture: Van Minnen, Ms BM

Van Minnen, Ms BM to ask the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

(1)Whether, with reference to her reply to question 134 on 11 March 2022, wherein she claims that Erf 9270 was boarded up but this is not the case as the house is still standing open to the elements with no doors, no roof and no windows, thus allowing free access and ongoing damage, (a) this will be rectified and (b) her department will take responsibility for managing the property as it is a hot spot for vandalism and anti-social behaviour in the area; if not, why not in each case; if so, what are the relevant details in each case; (2) what (a)(i) approvals and (ii) relevant authorities are still outstanding, (b) is the timeline for this process, (c) is the status of the subdivision application and (d) is the proposed timeline?


The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure:


(a) I have been informed by the Department that the entrances to the property were previously boarded up. However, vandals have since removed the boards at the entrances and regained access. Subsequently, on 1 May 2022 the Department’s Security Division conducted a site visit, during which it was established that is not feasible to brick up / board up the openings of the buildings due to the extent of the damages to the building. A decision has been taken to deploy a security company to monitor the remains of the building as well as to prevent further vandalism and any illicit activities from taking place. The security company will be appointed by June, so as to allow the SCM processes for the appointment to unfold.

(b) The Department will deploy a security company to monitor the property. Subsequent to our previous response, the Client Department, South African Police Service, has expressed interest in the property for official accommodation purposes.

A Technical team has visited the site to conduct a Technical Condition Assessment of the facility to quantify the extent of the damage as well as costing. The Assessment Report will be finalized by the end of May 2022. The outcome will determine whether the nature of the work to be done is of a capital nature or it is work that can be done by our in-house team.



(i) Approvals: Depending on the outcome of the Technical Condition Assessment on the extent and cost of the damage, a formal process of registering a project for budget allocation purposes will be followed during the budget process of the 2022/23 financial year.

(ii) Authorities: Currently not applicable.

b) Timeline: A Project Execution Plan will be developed and available once the Assessment Report has been finalized by the Technical Team.

c) Status of the subdivision – This is no longer required.

d) Proposed timeline – Not applicable as the subdivision of the property is no longer required.

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