Question NW1589 to the Minister of Police

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26 October 2021 - NW1589

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Terblanche, Mr OS to ask the Minister of Police

(1) What criteria are considered when the resource allocation plan of a specific police station is calculated; (2) whether the plan is unique for every police station; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what (a) total number of police stations of different sizes are catered for in one plan and (b) are the relevant details of the resources that are provided for the different types of police stations NW1795E


(1). Criteria have been developed, to calculate the number of posts, per salary level ' and act of appointment, which are required to perform the duties, which are associated with a police station, in line with the approved organisational structure for police stations.

The criteria are applied, based on the profile ofa particular police station, taking into account various external variables, which include demographics, the size of the station precinct, population density, settlements tribal areas and farms, socio economic factors, reported crime analysis and the classification status of rural urban; as well as Internal variables, which include activities performed at the Client Service Centre, the investigation of crime and support functions. The aforementioned will determine the post establishment required, to enable a police station to render a service to clients, within the allocated ratio of 80/20°/», in respect of operational/support functions.

The post establishment which has been determined for a police station, will be utilised as a point of departure for the determination of all categories of physical and financial resources that are required for a specific police station, based on the relevant criteria. The overall resource allocation will be utilised, to inform the resource allocation plan for a police station, depending on the affordability of the resources, in line with the current budget and the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF).

(2)(a) The resource plan is unique for every specify police station, based on the profile, category and classification of the station.

The total number of police stations, is 1 156 and includes different sizes of police stations, which are categorised, based on their uniqueness, into Category A (Captain), Category B (Lieutenant Colonel), Category C1 (Colonel) and Category C2 (Brigadier) and are catered for in one plan, depending on the affordability of the required resources, in line with the current budget and the MTEF.

(2) (b) The resources that are provided for different types of police stations, are In line with the unique circumstances that are particular to each station, including crimes that are prevalent in the station precinct, e.g. contact crimes, sexual offences, property-related crimes, etc. and other relevant criteria, such as the topography of the station precinct, e.g. in respect of vehicles, rural areas will be allocated light delivery vehicles (4x2 or 4x4 vehicles), rather than sedan vehicles.

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