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30 September 2021 - NW2251

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Chabangu, Mr M to ask the Minister of Police

What strategies has the SA Police Service put in place in the 2021-22 financial year to address rampant crime in Umlazi, KwaZulu-NataI?


The Umlazi Police Station is one of the priority stations, in the KwaZulu Natal Province and the South African Police Service (SAPS), ae a whole. Various disciplines are deployed in the area and intervention operations are continuously embarked upon. The Umlazi Police Station, assisted by the Provincial Commissioner: KwaZulu-Natal, has undertaken to embark on the following strategies, in 2021/2022, to address rampant crimes, in the Policing Precinct.

Proactive Policing

The Umlazi Policing Precinct Is divided into four manageable areas, hereafter referred to as sectors, which is in line with the Sector Policing Concept. Human and physical resources are deployed in all the sectors, in line with the Crime Threat Analysis (CTA) and the Crime Pattern Analysis (CPA). Hotspots are identified and addressed. on a weekly basis, while the trends are monitored, daily.

Sector one: Umlazi sections M, N, R, P, Q and U.
Sector two: Umlazi sections B, C, F, G, H and W.
Sector three: Umlazi sections A, D, E, S, T and V.

Sector four: Umlazi Lodge area, Glebelands, Megacity and Reunion.

Enforcement and Stamping of the Authority of the state, by Reducing the Availability of Illegal Firearms, by:

Ensuring the increase of stop and search, as well as cordon and search operations, at hotspots.

Conducting intelligence-driven operations.

Swift reaction for the arrest of perpetrators.

increasing arrests, for possession of illegal firearms.

Conducting compliance inspections, at official and non-official Institutions.

Reducing the Availability of Illegal Liquor Outlets, by:

Identifying, charging and closing down unlicensed liquor outlets.

Coordination of and execution of liquor blitz operations, with the Liquor Authority,

Ensuring high police visibility.

Reducing the Levels of Contact Crime, by:

Intelligence approach to policing. o Responsive and reaction capacity.

Ensuring immediate arrest, through real time.

Monitoring when crimes are committed (CPA/CTA).

Ensuring sufficient awareness campaigns and operations, through social crime prevention.

Ensuring 70/30 minimum deployment standard9, for deployment of personnel, at hotspots.

Reducing all Serious Crimes by:

Conducting compliance inspections, at second-hand dealers and scrapyards.

Participating in multidisciplinary operations, with relevant stakeholders in the fight against crime.

Reducing Levels of Gender-based Violence, Crimes against Women and Children through Strengthened Community Partnerships, by:

Ensuring the availability and functioning of Victim Friendly Facilities, at police stations.

Increasing awareness campaigns and education programmes, focusing on women

and children, within the Policing Precinct.

Enforcing In terms of the responsibilities of the SAPS, in the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act.

Monitoring the provision of resources, for participation In multidisciplinary service centres (Thuthuzela Care Centre).

Proactive Policing investigation

Reducing the Levels of Crime, by ensuring:

Prioritisation of the investigation of contact crimes.

Speedy finalisation of investigations.

Optimal utilisation of Crime Intelligence.

Profiling and linking of suspects.

Proper crime scene management and collection of evidence.

Identification of repeat offenders.

Allocation of serious cases to seasoned detectives

Ensuring prosecution-guided investigations.

Conducting weekly suspect raids.

Prioritisation of investigation and arrest of perpetrators of crimes against women and children, with the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit.

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