Question NW750 to the President of the Republic

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16 March 2021 - NW750

Profile picture: Schreiber, Dr LA

Schreiber, Dr LA to ask the President of the Republic

Whether, at the time that he appointed a certain person (name and details furnished) on 29 May 2019, he was informed of the serious allegations of sexual harassment levelled against the specified person by an employee of a certain political organisation (name furnished) prior to the 2019 general election; if not, what steps will he be taking now that the allegations have become public; if so, what (a) measures did he put in place to investigate the allegations and (b) were the appropriate reasons for appointing the specified person in the face of the allegations?


I was not aware of the allegations at the time of the appointment of the person.

I am informed that the relevant internal processes of the political party concerned were followed with respect to these allegations, in line with the law applicable to such complaints by an employee as well as the political party’s policy on sexual harassment, and that this process was concluded.

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