Question NW2726 to the Minister of Social Development

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04 January 2021 - NW2726

Profile picture: Abrahams, Ms ALA

Abrahams, Ms ALA to ask the Minister of Social Development

Whether, with reference to the court judgement of 20 October 2020 by Judge Janse Van Nieuwenhuizen, in terms of which she was instructed to file, within five days, and to provide copies to the applicants, a plan and programme which she will implement without delay so as to ensure that the eight provincial Members of the Executive Councils for Social Development immediately carry out their duties in respect to the payment of subsidies to early childhood development centres (ECD), she will confirm that they have complied with the court order in respect of (a) filing her plan and programme for payment within five days, (b) providing each applicant with the plan and programme for payment and (c) and ensuring that all ECD subsidies were paid; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details?


(a) & (b) The Court did not grant an order for the MEC to file a plan within five (5) days to the Court nor to the applicant no plans have thus been submitted.

(c) ECD centres were paid 60% of the subsidy from April to September 2020. The 40% of the subsidy that was not paid will be transferred to ECD centres from 18 November 2020. A total of 368 centres will be paid the backdated 40% for nutrition and the projected amount is R11 million.

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