Question NW1890 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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04 November 2020 - NW1890

Profile picture: Mkhaliphi, Ms HO

Mkhaliphi, Ms HO to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

What are the reasons that (a) he has not taken any action against a certain company (name furnished) amidst the allegations of corruption and money laundering and (b) the contract of the specified company was extended by Transnet; (2) Whether he has found that a certain person (name and details furnished) received a donation of R300 000 from the specified company through a foundation?


According to the information received from Transnet:

(1)(a) According to MNS the allegations of bribery and kickbacks as published in the City Press were malicious and defamatory. As a result, MNS lodged a complaint against City Press with the Press Council.

The Press Council rejected the City Press allegations of bribery and kickbacks and directed City Press to publish an apology to MNS and to Mr Ndlovu for:

1.1.1 Unjustifiably reflecting in its reportage, both in the headlines and in the text of the article, that MNS had been implicated in kickbacks, alleged acts of corruption and bribery; and

1.1.2Unnecessarily tarnishing their reputation.

(1)(b) MNS was appointed onto Transnet’s legal panel through a fair, just and equitable procurement process during 2017. The panel was appointed for a period of 3 years.

(2) The allegations of Dr Molefe receiving R300 000 from MNS have been peddled since June 2019 and despite the facts being put on the table on numerous occasions, the allegations are repeated by the EFF.

MNS received a request from the Popo Molefe Foundation Charitable Trust to make a sponsorship/donation to the Charitable Trust to provide bursaries to previously disadvantaged students who cannot afford the costs of tertiary education. MNS was not the only recipient of this request. A number of companies and individuals were approached with a similar request. A copy of the request letter is attached hereto as Annexure “A”.

The Charitable Trust organized a Golf Day and Gala Dinner on 31 May 2019 as part of its fund raising programme. All potential donors/sponsors could contribute to advance the educational aspirations of previously disadvantaged students. In this regard MNS contributed an amount of R350 000 to the Charitable Trust, which entitled MNS and other sponsors/donors to inter alia be recognized and listed on the various branding platforms that the Charitable Trust employed. This included amongst others, being publicly mentioned at the Gala Dinner and listed on Charitable Trust’s website for the contribution made to the Charitable Trust in the 2019 fund raising programme.

There was no direct or indirect benefit to either Dr Molefe or any of his family members arising from the funds donated to the Charitable Trust. The sole beneficiaries of the Charitable Trust are disadvantaged students benefitting from the Charitable Trust through bursaries to pay for their tertiary fees. Save for the donation referred to above, MNS has not, either directly or indirectly advanced any donation/loan/payment to Dr Molefe or any of his associated entities.