Question NW1807 to the Minister of Transport

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03 September 2020 - NW1807

Profile picture: Nolutshungu, Ms N

Nolutshungu, Ms N to ask the Minister of Transport

(a) What plans are in place for the Road Accident Fund to pay over R17 billion in unpaid claims that have been outstanding for more than 10 years and (b) by what date does he envisage will the backlog be cleared?


(a) The revenue received by the Road Accident Fund (RAF) from the fuel levy is insufficient to address its claims liability, consequently one of the plans (targets) included in the RAF’s Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan, which is specifically aimed at addressing the unpaid claims debt, is for the RAF to secure a finance facility for this short-term debt and (b) the securing of the finance facility to clear the backlog is targeted for the 2020/21 financial year.

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