Question NW153 to the Minister of State Security

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15 June 2020 - NW153

Profile picture: Kohler-Barnard, Ms D

Kohler-Barnard, Ms D to ask the Minister of State Security

With reference to the most recent break-in at the offices of the State Security Agency (SSA), what (a) number of instances of ((i) theft and (ii) fraud occurred at the SSA offices over the past 10 years and (b) is the estimated accumulated value of the specified instances; (2) Whether the cases were reported to the (a) SA Police Service and (b) Inspector General of Intelligence; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details in each case; (3) What (a) number of (i) arrests and (ii) prosecutions have taken place and (b) total amount has been recovered?


The Honourable Member is kindly referred to the Parliament Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence (JSCI) where a reply to this Parliamentary Question has been logged.

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