Question NW1730 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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24 December 2019 - NW1730

Profile picture: McGluwa, Mr JJ

McGluwa, Mr JJ to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

Whether he intends to revise the tariffs pertaining to (a) identity documents and/or (b) passports; if not, what is the reason for a zero increase in the said tariffs; if so, what effect has he found that any increase will have on (i) the citizens and (ii) his department?


(a-b) Yes. The intended tariff adjustments for identity documents (re-issues) and passports is envisaged for the 2020/2021 financial year.

(i) In revising the tariff structure, the Department considers, amongst others, socio-economic factors, the principle of inclusivity and service provision to the public since the Department is not geared to profit making. This is due to the fact that all base documents (first issues) for identity documents, birth, marriage and death certificates are free and charges are only for reissue.

(ii) All revenue collected by the Department is deposited into the National Revenue Fund. In addition to complying to Treasury Regulation 7.3.1 that requires the Department to review all fees, charges or rates, scales or tariffs of fees and charges that relate to the National Revenue Fund, improved revenue collection by the Department will ensure the recovery of costs for production of enabling documents in a manner that suitably compensates for the cost drives relating to the provision of the service and meet the regulatory and wider government objectives as well as to ensure that the transaction costs where possible are minimized for the users and stakeholders.


Thulani Mavuso Dr PA Motsoaledi, MP

A/Director-General Minister of Home Affairs

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