Question NW204 to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

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15 August 2019 - NW204

Profile picture: Nxumalo, Mr MN

Nxumalo, Mr MN to ask the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

(a) What is the total number of vacancies in (i) her department and (ii) each of the provincial departments reporting to her and (b) by what date will the specified vacancies be filled?


The Minister of Public Works & Infrastructure:


(i) Response in respect of the Department:


Number of Vacancies

(b) What date will the vacancy/vacancies be filled

Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI)


DPWI Main Vote has advertised 29 positions to be filled within the next six months (starting from July 2019

Proper Management Trading Entity (PMTE)


PMTE has advertised 234 positions and will be filled within the next six months




(ii) In respect of provincial Department responsible for Public Works:

Name of Province

(a)(ii) What is the total number of vacancies each of the provincial departments reporting to her

(b) by what date will the specified vacancies be filled


There are 370 vacant positions

The Department as guided by the Provincial Budget Committee (PBC) has implemented cost containment measures to ensure that there is no/minimal overspending on the compensation budget. To this end the Department has implemented a decision to “Prioritise the Filling of only identified Critical Vacant Positions”, if not filled, will result in the collapse of operations. It also be noted that the Department is currently finalising its Strategic Plan and this has prompted the “review of the organisational structure” in line with the new mandate and service delivery targets.

KwaZulu Natal

There are 181 vacant positions

It is envisaged that these vacant posts will be filled within the next 8 months.


There are 465 vacant posts in its establishment which is 15% vacancy rate.

The department is planning to fill the 84 posts out of the 465 posts during the 2019/ 20 financial year as approved by the Provincial Personnel Management committee and Treasury.

The remaining posts will be filled when the process of reviewing the structure is completed as directed by the Provincial Treasury

North West

There are 371 vacant positions

The anticipated date to fill the vacancies will be 31 March 2020


The Executive Council resolved to implement a Moratorium on filling of vacant positions in the Provincial Administration with effect from February 2015 to date in an effort to reduce the provincial wage bill. All provincial departments were directed to rationalise functions and this process has led to the identification of 64 critical technical posts for the Building Infrastructure Programme.

  • The posts have been submitted to the Executive Council for consideration;
  • The department will fill these posts within 6 months should approval be granted by the Executive Council.

Western Cape

There are currently 95 vacant, established posts, out of a total of 449 posts in the Public Works Infrastructure domain. 


Of these vacancies, 67 are currently in a recruitment process, while one (1) post was funded to facilitate appointment in an acting capacity.  The remaining 28 (6%) vacancies are unfunded, and due to COE upper limits.

Based on standard recruitment time of 90 days, it is expected that these recruitment processes will be concluded by end of September 2019, and given the required notice periods, that the candidates will be able to assume duty by October/November 2019

Eastern Cape

As per the 2019/20 approved Annual Recruitment Plan this provincial department has 150 vacant funded posts (vacant).

The department intends is to ensure that all the posts are filled by 30 November 2019.

Northern Cape

There are 99 vacant positions

The posts will be filled by February 2021.

Free State

In terms of the approved Annual Performance Plan the province has 60 vacant funded posts;

The posts were planned for filling in this financial year, in accordance with HR Planning processes aligned to the appropriate compensation budget.

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