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18 June 2018 - NW1623

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Boshoff, Ms SH to ask the Minister of Police

(1) (a) What number of SA Police Service (SAPS) officers are appropriately trained in SA Sign Language (SASL) to assist members of the public who have hearing impairments when taking down complaints in each province, (b) what are the relevant details of the scope of training that the specified SAPS officers had received and (c) is continuous training made available to these officers; (2) whether any SAPS training colleges offer SASL training to new police officer recruits and existing officers; if not, (a) why not and (b) will he address this matter to ensure that accredited courses in SASL are made available to new police recruits and existing officers; if so, (3) what number of (a) SAPS training colleges offer accredited courses in SASL and (b) police officers and recruits are currently enrolled in a SASL course; (4) what are the relevant details of the (a) policies that his department has put in place and (b) Public Service policies that the SAPS relies on to improve its ability and capacity to aS9lst members of the public who have hearing impairments?



Trained Members

Head Office


Eastern Cape


Free State








North West


Northern Cape


Western Cape


Non-SAPS Member


Total “


(1)(b) The duration of the South African Sign Language (SASL) Training Unit Standard, 115709 NQF Level 4, Credit 4, is five days, for eight hours a day, which translates into four notionall learning hours, per week. The learners acquire the following capabilities after the completion of the training:

  •  Be able to communicate and understand a conversation with a person with a hearing impairment.
  • Learners will be able to take statements from a person with a hearing impairment.

(1)(c) An analysis is being conducted to determine which continuous training intervention is required, however, refresher training is available.

(2)(a) No, the South African Police Service (SAPS) training colleges do not offer the SASL to new recruits, as it is viewed as a support function, which is a scarce skill. Yes, the SAPS does offer the SASL to existing officers through accredited external service providers.

(2)(b) Currently, the Basic Police Development Learning Programme is fully capacitated and is not able to accommodate an additional competency.

(3)(a) None. The SASL training is not included in the Basic Police Development Learning Programme, which is presented to new recruits.

(3)(b) None. Once the recruits are placed at the provinces/divisions and stations, the training is conducted through external service providers.

(4)(a) The SAPS Policy on Disability is in place and is being implemented. The SAPS is implementing the Job Access Strategic Framework, as required by the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA).

The SAPS allocates a budget annually, to procure asslstive devices, as per individual needs and disabilities, in order to eliminate barriers that may affect persons with disabilities, during the performance of their duties.

The SAPS has established partnerships with organisations for persons with disabilities, such as the South African Disability Alliance (SADA) and their affiliates, Deaf South Africa.

During workshops or meetings, sign language services are procured, as and when required, in order to accommodate people who have a hearing impairment.

(4)(b)  National Instruction 2/2012, Victim Empowerment, states how people with special needs must be assisted. In the case of victims with special needs, specific arrangements may have to be made to ensure that they are adequately assisted. (For example, a sign language interpreter might have to be arranged to assist a victim with a hearing impairment and to take down his or her statement.)

The SAPS is currently developing a user-friendly emergency system for the hearing impaired community, in order to be able to report crime to the SAPS Emergency telephone number, 10111.




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