Question NW4 to the President of the Republic

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20 February 2019 - NW4

Profile picture: Shivambu, Mr F

Shivambu, Mr F to ask the President of the Republic

Whether the donors of his political campaign to become president of his political organisation are holders of government contracts; if so, in each case, (a) what are their names and (b) which government contracts do they hold?


As I indicated in my statement to the Public Protector of 1 February 2019, a deliberate decision was taken by myself and those leading the ‘CR17’ campaign that, apart from attending dinners with potential funders, I would not be involved in fundraising, nor would I be provided with the identity of donors or the amounts pledged, as I did not want to feel under obligation to them in any shape or form at any time in the future.

As a consequence:

a) I do not have the names of the donors.

b) I do not know if they hold government contracts.

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