Question NW3007 to the Minister of Health

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05 November 2018 - NW3007

Profile picture: Kopane, Ms SP

Kopane, Ms SP to ask the Minister of Health

What (a) amount (i) was allocated for renovations at theKomani Psychiatric Hospital (aa) in the (aaa) 2014-15, (bbb) 2015-16 and (ccc) 2017-18 financial years and (bb) since 1 April 2018 and (ii) was spent and (b) are the specifics relating to the actual renovation that took place?


The following information in the table below were abstracted on 26-10-2018 from the PMIS of the NDoH Infrastructure Unit and confirmed by relevant personnel of the EC Department of Health


Project Title

Project budgetary allocation in various F/Y

Total Budgetary allocation

Project Expenditure

Project status


Komani Hospital Wards C and D renovation

20113/14 F/Y R 32307000

2014/15 F/y R 13261000

2015/16 F/Y R 52080

R 46088850

According to project final account issued by EC department of Public Works dated 2 June 2015

R 44136114.83



Phase 2B Laundry upgrading

2013/14 F/Y R0.00

2014/15 F/Y R0.00


R8137519.26 ( R1216547.95 in 2013/14 and R6920971.31 in 2014/15)



Ward 15 and 2 houses

2017/18 f/y R 5735859

2018/19 f/y R10000000



Just Started- Hand over of site mid Oct. 2018


Laundry Completion Contract

15/16 f/y R5068915

16/17 f/y R9600000

17/18 f/y R 5500000


R 17191115 including fees

Building works completed-Equipment to be completed end Nov. 2018

Equipment part of the contract was ceded to Lead Laundry and catering PTY LTD due to cash flow problem of Keilake Investments CC

Upgrading of state patients


To Commence in May 2019


Up grading of water reservoir


Currently on hold




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