Question NW3314 to the Minister of Trade and Industry

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16 November 2018 - NW3314

Profile picture: Ntlangwini, Ms EN

Ntlangwini, Ms EN to ask the Minister of Trade and Industry

(1) (a) On what date was the information technology (IT) infrastructure of (i) his department and (ii) entities reporting to him last upgraded or updated, (b) what is the name of the company contracted to do the upgrades, (c) what was the monetary value of the contract and (d) what is the name of each IT system that was upgraded; (2) (a) what is the name of the company that is currently responsible for the maintenance of the IT systems of (i) his department and (ii) entities reporting to him and (b) what is the value of the contract?


Response from the Department

ICT Infrastructure


Date Upgraded


Name of Company responsible for upgrades


Monetary Value

Network Infrastructure


Dimension Data

R10 282 962.96




R20 523 626.31

Server Infrastructure



R4 852 563.03

Backup Infrastructure



R21 134 379.99

ICT Infrastructure


Name of Company responsible for current maintenance


Monetary Value

Enterprise Content Management

We solve ECMS

R4 611 068.25

Novell / Email Infrastructure

Micro Focus

R3 977 445.62

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement


R27 864 735.78

Architecture for Integrated Systems (ARIS)

Software AG

R343 101.97

CA Service Desk Solution

Computer Associates

R346 560.00

Network Operating Centre

Alteram Solutions

R8 148 256.96

Antivirus Software


R488 203.02

Web Gateway Security -MacAfee

Dynamic Recovery Services

R192 802.50

Vulnerability tool


R1 431 965.40

Response from the Entities








Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)

The CIPC (IT) infrastructure was last upgraded or updated on 21 May 2018

DAC Systems

R2 942 731

Design, implementation and support of Microsoft Sharepoint 2013

DAC Systems

R2 942 731

Companies Tribunal (CT)

CT (IT) infrastructure was last upgraded or updated on 1 April 2018

Sage VIP

R22 218.00

VIP Payroll license renewal

All maintenance of the IT systems are done internally by CT IT staff at no extra cost to CT

Not applicable

Export Credit Insurance Corporation (ECIC)

The ECIC (IT) infrastructure was last upgraded or updated is due to expire end of February 2019

-The Network and Server Hosting’s contract with Internet Solutions

-The BoardPacks solution contract with

Faranani IT solutions

- AccTech

-R6 452 404.92

-R993 623

-R 3 768 637,17

- To administer and manage committee



AX 2012 in May 2015

-Internet Solutions

-Faranani IT solutions

-Bytes Solutions



-R6 452 404.92

- R993 623

-R1 920 000

-R3 768 637,17

-R894 502

National Consumer Commission (NCC)

The NCC had no upgrade of IT infratructure since its inception. Server donated by the dti in 2018 and integrated into IT infrastructure

- Sage VIP

-Lar & AssociatePs

-SOC Services

-R396 502.25

-R491 717.17

-R484 777.14

-VIP Premier

-Sge 300

-NCC Contact Centre

-The SOUTH AFRICAN BUREAU OF STANDARDS (Servers hosting and maintenance)

-SAGE VIP Premier

-LAR &Associates

-SPOC Services

R65 069.00

R396 506.25

R 350 400.00

R163 698.30

National Consumer Tribunal (NCT)

The NCT was last upgrated or updated 2 October 2018



Access Control System





National Credit Regulator (NCR)

The NCR was last upgrated or updated in 1/09/2015


R1 824 578.12



R4 366 694.59

National Empowerment Fund (NEF)

The NEF was last upgrated or updated in 2017

-Internet Solutions

-Leichan IT



-R 90 100.00

-R321 204.12

-R 356 142.44

-Upgrade from ADSL to Fibre line

installation for nine (9) provinces

over the period 3 years

- Server Infrastructure upgrade

-Server storage upgrade


-Key Concepts

-R 374 980.20

-R 141 000.00

National Gambling Board (NGB)

The NGB was last upgrated or updated in September 2018

-Server Hardware was supplied by Sizwe IT Group; and

-Server Operating System Software was supplied by EOH

JustNet Solutions

R340 770.06



- HP Server Generation 8 SL2500 x 2;

- Microsoft Windows Server Datacentre 2012;

- Microsoft Active Directory 2012;

- Microsoft Exchange 2010;

- Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus

Microsoft Exchange, and Active Directory user Client Access Licenses


National Lotteries Commission (NLC)

TheNLC had an Oracle Infrastructure Upgrades including Disaster Recovery Provisioning

Microsoft Infrastructure Upgrade

Oracle South Africa

EOH Mthombo (PTY) LTD



Oracle Fusion ERP (On Premise) – HCM,FIN,SCM, GMS (Grant Funding Management)

Oracle South Africa


National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA)

The NMISA was last upgrated or updated in September 2018


R37 142.72

HP Virtual Datacenter




-Lemcon Likusasa



- Yneldo Electronics

- ACCTECH Systems

-ACCTECH Systems

-Microsoft through Neo Technologies

-Microsoft through Greendata ICT Solutions

-FlowCentric SA

-Sage South Africa


-Rhinoforce Protection Services




-Executive Solutions

-DAC Systems


-R 3 065 793.68

-R2 137 242.13

-R 129 026.34

-R 49 143.95

-R 21 007.35- Exnsion of IPs for Aruba wireless

-R 478 800.00

-R 1 256 349.00- Tender amount

-R 35 921.40- Upgrade: Additional Connection Points

-R 19 317.70

-R 263 951.89

-R72 33.70 185 licenses

-R 18 433.80- 30 licenses

-R 498 430.80- E-Tendering System: Sizwe Africa IT Group

-R 11 491.20- User licenses & annual maintenance

-R 47 202.60- Annual license fee

-R 246 184.00- Sage people 300 upgrade

-R 78 472.00- Sage people 300 Hosting

-R 718 200.00- Tender amount

-R 552 763.60- Annual enterprise licenses

-R 499 765.17

-R 1 394 057.80

-R 454 752.00

-R 233 126.282

R 66 574.33- DocAve Complete 15 months license

R 300 456.72

-R 197 461.18

-R 1 312 617.20

National Regulator For Compulsory Specifications (NRCS)

The NRCS was last upgrated or updated in 17 May 2018


R22 462 946.25

-IBM blade servers

-IBM storage

-Fortigate Firewall 200d

-new 6 Cisco LAN Switches,

-MPLS to link 5 regional offices (Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Durban), Internet line

- Disaster Recovery site and Corporate APN.

- Netscreen Consulting

- Resolve Red: JDE Financial System Support

- Sithabile Technology

- R6,201,746.58

- R349,200.00

-: R2,229,142.80

South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)

The SABS was last upgrated or updated in 2017/18

Telkom sa

Pro Networks

-R26 000.000


-Telkom MPLS

-Fortigate Firewalls

Microsoft system support (FIM, Systems Centre) support

R342 000

South African National Accreditation System (SANAS)

The SANASA was updated from May 2018 and is ongoing till September 2019

-EOH Mthombo

-Core Focus

-R 1 508 374.67 -R 4 875 423.75

-Supply of 3 new servers, 1 new SAN device, 4 new network switches, 1 new switch cabinet and 1 new UPS as well as the setup and commissioning of Windows server 2016) - EOH Mthombo Upgrade

-SharePoint Environment upgrade and further automation of accreditation processes- Core Focus

-EOH Mthombo (Servers) and

-Core Focus (Sharepoint Environment SLA)

-R 1 577 416.32 for 36 months

-R 481 536.00 for 24 months

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