Question NW2770 to the Minister of Energy

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19 October 2018 - NW2770

Profile picture: Gqada, Ms T

Gqada, Ms T to ask the Minister of Energy

a)What is the cost of integrating the Grand Inga Project into his department’s 2018 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP); b) On what basis was the decision taken to deviate from the low-cost scenario by integrating the specified project into the IRP; c) By what date will the project be completed; and d) Which South African companies are involved in the project? NW3063E


a) Based on assumptions made in the IRP, the combined effect of including coal and Inga as policy adjustment is about 1.9 cents per kilowatt hour on projected tariff of 119 cents per kilowatt hour.

b) The decision taken to deviate from the least cost scenario by including the Inga hydropower into the IRP was on the basis that there is a treaty signed between the government of South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo for South Africa to off take 2500MW from the project.

c) The IRP assumes the project to come online by year 2030.

d) At this stage of project development we are not aware of South African companies involved in the development of the project.

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