Question NW2586 to the Minister of Energy

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04 October 2018 - NW2586

Profile picture: Dlamini, Mr MM

Dlamini, Mr MM to ask the Minister of Energy

(1) (a} What is the total number of (i) deputy directors-general and (ii} chief directors that are employed in (aa} an acting and (bb) a permanent capacity in his department and (b} what is the total number of women in each case; (2) (a} what is the total number of (i) chief executive officers and (ii} directors of each entity reporting to him and (b} what is the total number of women in each case? NW2876E


(1} (a) (i) Four (4) Deputy Directors-General.

(ii} (aa} Five (5) Chief Directors in acting capacity.

(bb} Eighteen (18} Chief Directors in permanent capacity

(b) Deputy Director-General - One (1) Women;

Chief Directors in acting capacity- one (1) Women; and

Chief Directors in permanent capacity-Seven (7) Women.

(2) (a} (i} (ii} Chief Executive Officers and Directors do not report to the Minister they report to the Board.

(b) Not applicable

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