Hansard: NCOP: Unrevised hansard

House: National Council of Provinces

Date of Meeting: 14 Dec 2021


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National Council of Provinces Plenary:
1. Consideration of the Rates and Monetary Amounts Amendment Bill [B 21- 2021]
2. Consideration of the Taxation Laws Amendment Bill [B 22 – 2021]
3. Consideration of the Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill [B 23 – 2021]
4. Consideration of Select Committee on Appropriations (ATC,17November 2021, p 14) Financial and Fiscal Commission’s submission for the division of revenue 2022/23, dated 17 November 2021.
5. Consideration of Select Committee on Appropriations (ATC,17November 2021, p 16) Expenditure and performance of the HIV & AIDS (Life Skills Education) grant and the Learners with Profound Intellectual Disabilities Grant in the 2020/21 Financial Year; dated 17 November 2021.
6. Consideration of report of Select Committee on Appropriations on the Proposed division of revenue and the conditional grant allocations to Provinces and Local Government (provisional)
7. Consideration of Adjustments Appropriation Bill 8. Farewell speeches . Hybrid Meeting Platform, 15th December 2021, 10:00