Question NW655 to the Minister of Trade and Industry

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14 March 2018 - NW655

Profile picture: Cachalia, Mr G K

Cachalia, Mr G K to ask the Minister of Trade and Industry

(a) What is the total number of employees of the SA Bureau of Standards who have been arrested for taking bribes (i) in the (aa) 2015-16, (bb) 2016-17 and (cc) 2017-18 financial years and (ii) since 1 April 2017, (b) in relation to which products were the bribes given and (c) what is the total number of persons who are facing criminal charges?


According to the management of the SABS;

  1. (i) (aa), (bb) and (cc) Nil.
  2. (i) and (ii) Does not apply and (b) does not apply, and
  3. The management of the SABS has not provided a satisfactory response containing the requisite information. I have written to the SABS management demanding that they do in fact provide an urgent response to the Department of Trade and Industry.

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