Question NW2967 to the Minister of Energy

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12 October 2017 - NW2967

Profile picture: Gqada, Ms T

Gqada, Ms T to ask the Minister of Energy

Whether her department has a policy in place allowing Eskom to charge 5 hectare smallholdings over R1 300 per day extra for electricity lines between 1 500 meters and 3 500 meters from the outskirts of towns, as if they were rural lines; if not, (a) what is the position in this regard and (b) on what statutory grounds is Eskom relying to treat the specified smallholdings on the outskirts of towns as if they were big commercial farms; if so, what are the (i) details of the policy and (ii) reasons for having put the policy in place? NW3286E


The Department received the question, reviewed its contents against its mandate and has determined that the most appropriate respondent should be Eskom through the Department of Public Enterprises.

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