Question NW2215 to the Minister of Police

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10 October 2017 - NW2215

Profile picture: Majola, Mr TR

Majola, Mr TR to ask the Minister of Police

(1)What number of (a) child murders and (b) child rapes took place in the (i) 2014-15, (ii) 2015-16 and (iii) 2016-17 financial years; (2) how many investigations into the specified cases led to a successful conviction for (a) child murder and (b) child rape and in each specified financial year; (3) what weapon was used to murder the child in each case?


(1)(a)(b)(i)(ii)(iii), (2)(a)(b) and (3) The information is not readily available and must be obtained from the Crime Administration System (CAS). A request is hereby made for an extension, in order for the correct information to be provided.

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