Question NW2691 to the Minister of Mineral Resources

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15 December 2016 - NW2691

Profile picture: Lorimer, Mr JR

Lorimer, Mr JR to ask the Minister of Mineral Resources

(1)Did he appoint a certain person (name furnished) to the position of acting deputy director-general of his department; if not, who did he appoint in the specified position; if so, (a) when did the specified appointment take place and (b) what are the full relevant details of the process followed to appoint the specified person to the position; (2) has he taken any steps to fill the vacant position; if not, why not; if so, (a) by what date will the specified position be filled and (b) what are the further relevant details in this regard?


1. Yes, (a) 1 November 2016 (b) The official was appointed to act in terms of chapter 3 of the Senior Management Services (SMS) Handbook.

2. No. The position is not vacant. (a) N/A (b) N/A.

Approved/not approved

Mr MJ Zwane, MP


Minister of Mineral Resources

Date Submitted:-……………/………………/2016

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