Question NW4193 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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08 January 2024 - NW4193

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Essack, Mr F to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

(1) What total amount of private investment has been invested since 1994 in State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) reporting to him; (2) Whether any of the SOEs reporting to him hold any investment stakes in any commercial entities located in foreign jurisdictions; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (a) what is the (i) name of each foreign commercial entity and (ii) total amount of each investment stake and (b) how much in dividends has each SOE realised through the specified investment stakes?


According to information received from Alexkor, Denel, Eskom, SAFCOL, Transnet and SAA:


  1. None

Alexkor and the PSJV do not hold or plan to hold any investment stakes in any commercial entities located in foreign jurisdictions.


1. Not applicable

2. (a)(i) Entity1: Barij Dynamics (49%) (ii) R22 858 500

(a)(i) Entity 2: Pioneer Land Systems (49%) (ii) R0

(b) Barij Dynamics R91 953 908

(b) Pioneer Land Systems R0


  1. None
  1. Eskom has no investment stakes in any commercial entities in foreign jurisdictions.


  1. No private investment in SOC
  1. (a)(i) Industrias Florestais de Manica in Mozambique

(ii) Equity: R8 433 539

  1. (b) Zero dividends


Gaborone Container Terminal (GABCON)

Botswana Railways (BR) and Transnet (trading as Spoornet) entered into Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on 16 August 1996. BR and Transnet agreed to build a new container terminal at a cost of R14million, where each party contributed equally. Further, it was agreed that a 50:50 Joint Venture Agreement (JVA)

would be created to manage total investments for both parties.


Country of Registration:



Strategic Objectives:

Regional Container Terminal Hub



Botswana Railways (64%) and Transnet SOC Ltd (36%)


Dividends realised to date.



  1. SAA currently does not have records of private investment transactions. Our current records indicate that No amount (Nil Rand Value) has been invested in SAA.

However, we see from the attached news coverage that 20% stake in SAA, along with an option for a further 10% was sold to Swissair in June 1999 for R1,4-billion (about $200 million at the time) as part of the government’s privatisation process.

The South African government is to buy back the 20% stake in the country’s national carrier, according to the then Minister of Public Enterprises, Mr Jeff Radebe, under government’s transport subsidiary Transnet.

SA to buy back 20% Swissair stake in SAA - The Mail & Guardian (

  1. SAA does not hold any investments in any commercial entities located in foreign jurisdictions.

Remarks: Approved / Not Approved

Jacky Molisane PJ Gordhan, MP

Acting Director-General Minister

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