Question NW2895 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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24 November 2023 - NW2895

Profile picture: Roos, Mr AC

Roos, Mr AC to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

What (a) is the processing backlog for each type of visa issued by Home Affairs as at 31 August 2023, (b) process is being put in place to clear the backlog and (c) time frame is in place to clear the backlog?


a) The processing backlog of Visas and Permits as at 31 August 2023 is 74 309 and 43 944 respectively.

b) The department has developed a plan to address the backlogs. The plan aims to move the older Temporary Residency Visas applications from 2022 concurrently with the current applications of 2023. This will be done by splitting the temporary residence visa team into two. The same approach is being implemented for Permanent Residency Permits. The plan includes the utilisation of its current capacity supported by the additional officials from other branches including those in Provinces. It also includes those officials who have returned from the Foreign Missions after serving their four-year deployment term. Other options are also being looked at to support the above and will be implemented should it be deemed necessary to do so to support the eradication plan.

c) The department envisages to have cleared the backlog by November 2024.



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