Question NW2604 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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29 September 2023 - NW2604

Profile picture: van der Merwe, Ms LL

van der Merwe, Ms LL to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

(1)With reference to his recent comments that the newly acquired eVisa system, which is meant to facilitate easier entry for tourists, is being abused by nationals (details furnished), what measures will his department put in place to identify other persons who have abused this process and who may already have entered the Republic; (2) whether he intends scrapping the eVisas; if not, (3) what measures will he put in place to prevent the abuse of the eVisa system?


  1. We have strengthened the verification process of bank statements and other supporting documents. We have had engagements with banks to secure nodal persons to assist in verifications. Weekly meeting are being held with the eVisa adjudicators to review their process and enforce the verification process and update their SOP. Cases that require in depth investigation will be referred to the mission for interview and verification of supporting documents. Missions are engaging the local banks to also inform them of the need to verify their bank statements.
  2. No, the system is working, it only requires enhancement for verification process.
  3. The system will be further enhanced to assist with detection of duplication use of sponsors and their contact numbers and duplication of accommodation information.


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