Question NW1565 to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

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17 July 2023 - NW1565

Profile picture: Hicklin, Ms MB

Hicklin, Ms MB to ask the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

(1)With reference to the reply to question 1606 on 16 July 2021 regarding the introduction of recycling in the parliamentary villages in Cape Town, wherein his predecessor undertook that all future facilities management contracts will include recycling and a contract was signed in 2022 with TEFLA to maintain the parliamentary villages and there is no evidence of any recycling initiatives being introduced in Acacia Park or any other parliamentary villages, what is the value of the facilities management contract signed with TEFLA; (2) whether provision has been made for recycling to be included in the specified contract; if not, and despite a commitment being made by his predecessor and/or her department that such a clause would form part of all facilities management contracts in the parliamentary villages, what measures are going to be introduced to ensure that recycling can be part of the waste collection services in the parliamentary villages with immediate effect; if so, why has it not been implemented?


The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

(1) The recycling was included in the scope of work of Tefla under Waste Management Duties (WMD), however due to an existing contract having the same scope the services were excluded for three until the existing contract expire. The value of the Facilities Management contract signed with Tefla Group is R510 565 626,33.

(2) Recycling was included as part of the Facilities Management Contract (FMC) under Waste Management Duties (WMD). However, these services were excluded from the scope of TEFLA for the first three years of the contract with the intention to deal with them separately through an existing contract. The existing contract for waste management will expire in year three of the five year FM contract, at which point TEFLA will take over the services and implement them as per the service level agreement.

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